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 AFL Coaches’ Code of Conduct

No.6- I will avoid overplaying the talented players, aiming to maximise participation and enjoyment for all players regardless of ability. When I am responsible for players in the 5-18 year-old age group, I will ensure that all players gain equal playing time.

No.12- I will ensure that players are involved in a positive environment where skill-learning and development are priorities and not overshadowed by a desire to win. 

 Key Features and Benefits of the Coachsmart System 

✔ Easy and simple to use

✔ Reduces coaches preparation time

✔ Everyone can visually see it is fair and consistent for all players

✔ Creates a positive environment

✔ Improves the retention of players and coaches

✔ Reinforces respect for umpires

✔ Allows the coach to focus on the game and player development

✔ Repetitive and consistent teaching reinforces positive football behaviours

✔ This system allows for each l coach to implement their own game plan

✔ All players will be engaged and educated

✔ Reduces pressure on the coach

✔ Accelerates learning for coaches and players

✔ Solid construction (avoid water on the board)

 Coachsmart Development Board – Starter Pack

✔  Coachsmart Development Board 50cm x 60cm with Handle

✔  36 White magnets

✔  3 Whiteboard markers - assorted colours

✔  Whiteboard cleaning cloth

✔  Whiteboard carry bag

✔  Permanent marker 

✔  Instruction sheet

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