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The Coachsmart Junior Cricket Stage 1 Whiteboard supports the format that is designed for those kids who have completed the MILO T20 Blast program and are ready for their first taste of junior club competition. The board will help stimulate game sense and skills whether batting, bowling or fielding.

 Key Features and Benefits of the Coachsmart System 

✔ Promotes transparency and consistency to ensure ALL players get a Fair-Go in accordance with Cricket Australia Junior Cricket Stage 1 official rules.

✔ Easy for players to understand how to rotate through all fielding positions which will quicken up play.

✔ Improves game and player development.

✔ Gives the option to replace paper scoresheets.

✔ Creates a positive environment and improves the retention of players.

✔ Suitable for any number of players (bypass blank magnets when rotating).

✔ All players will be engaged and educated.

✔ Reduces pressure on the coach.

✔ Lightweight construction makes it easy to score and teach from.

 Coachsmart Development Board – Starter Pack

✔  Coachsmart Junior Cricket Stage 1 Whiteboard 50cm x 60 cm with handle

✔  36 Yellow magnets

✔  3 Whiteboard markers - 6 assorted colours

✔  Whiteboard cleaning cloth

✔  Whiteboard carry bag

✔  Permanent marker 

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