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Key Features and Benefits of the Coachsmart Soccer System

✔  Clearly shows the players their forward half structure according to their playing formation 

✔  Easy and simple to use 

✔  Reduces coaches’ preparation time 

✔  This system allows for the coaches to implement their OWN game plan and formation 

✔  Everyone can visually see the different types of formations 

✔  Allows coaches to show their players how to play against different opposition formations 

✔  Teaches the players running lanes 

✔  Provides informative and consistent teaching/ learning 

✔  Improves the retention of Coaches and Players 

✔  Accelerates learning for Coaches and Players 

✔  Creates a positive team environment 

✔  Lightweight construction makes it easy to hold and teach from 

✔  Great teaching/learning resource for TRAINING as well!

 Coachsmart Advanced Soccer Board – Starter Pack


✔  Coachsmart Development Board 50cm x 60cm with Handle

✔  34 Player White magnets

✔  4 Half White Magnets

✔  3 Whiteboard markers - assorted colours

✔  Whiteboard cleaning cloth

✔  Whiteboard carry bag

✔  Permanent marker 

✔  Instruction sheet

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